terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Participants will give the Organizer their prior, express and informed consent to collect and store in the Organizer's databases the personal data they provide in the framework of the Promotion, relating to their name, surname, and telephone number, and any other data or personal history entered, to process them and to use them for the purposes of including them as Participants of the Promotion, contacting the Participants for the purposes of the Promotion, as well as to use them for advertising or promotional purposes. direct marketing, without having the right to receive any payment for said Personal Data.s”).

The Participant understands that, if he does not provide said Personal Data or provides it in an inaccurate manner, it is possible that he / she will not be able to participate in the Promotion or that the Organizer will not be able to contact the Participant for the purposes indicated above. The Participant also understands that - as the owner of the Personal Data - they have the right to request access, rectification, updating and - where appropriate - deletion thereof.

The Organizer agrees not to sell and / or assign or use the database that is generated as a result of the Promotion without the authorization of the Participants except for the purposes described above.

The owner of the Personal Data has the power to exercise the right of access to them free of charge at intervals of not less than six months, unless a legitimate interest to that effect is proven in accordance with the provisions of article 14, paragraph 3 of the Law No. 25,326 of the Argentine Republic. The enforcement authority in Argentina, the National Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data, Control Body of Law No. 25,326, has the power to deal with complaints and claims that are filed in relation to non-compliance with the Rules on Personal Data protection.. 


Orders are delivered through Andreani mail throughout the Argentine Republic and Fast Mail in GBA and CABA. The delivery time of the purchase varies between 48 hours and 120 working hours from the report by mail that the shipment is dispatched with a tracking number.

Shipments to CABA and GBA: Orders will be dispatched and can be consulted after 24 hours via Fast Mail.

Shipments to the Interior: Orders are dispatched within 72 business hours, the first 24 business hours can be consulted through Fast Mail and after 72 business hours it will be reflected on the Andreani website.

(*) Clarification: if there is a holiday, the purchase is considered as made the next business day. Clients will be informed of the delays caused in due course.

Pick Up: If you choose to withdraw in a local for free we will send you an email advising you that the order is available for withdrawal. It is very important that you wait for the email before approaching the premises!

Shipping cost: The value of the same will be indicated during your purchase before you finalize it, the cost is borne by the customer, unless the company is doing a promotional action for it.

If you do not receive your order within the mentioned delivery times please contact us by Mail at eshop@umarketoficial.com Do not forget to have your order number! 


Get in touch with our store assistant by mail eshop@umarketoficial.com clarifying change / return order number indicating in the body of the mail which product you want to change or return and the reason, thus we coordinate that a representative of the post will pick up your product by address. When the order reaches our warehouse, we will generate the change of the garment or the return of it. The cost of shipping will be borne by the customer.. 

(*) no changes are made on dates of special events or specific sales actions on the internet.


General conditions

1 You can exchange your purchase for any other product on the site, from the same collection..

2 The exchange request must be made within 30 calendar days of purchase, counted from the receipt of the product. Applications received after this period will not be accepted..

3 Garments from other seasons may be changed for the same season..

4 Garments purchased during specific discount actions or sales on the internet will be taken at the value paid..


1 With intact label, in the original packaging that is part of the product..

2 Not washed or used, no smell or stains, no mark on the soles or alteration made by the customer..


The time to make an exchange for a failed or badly shipped product can vary up to 30 days, it should be taken into account that like deliveries, returns take up to 10 business days.

Return of money: in exceptional cases that an unforeseen event occurs, we can reimburse the money through the means of payment that was used to pay for the purchase, this process may take time and you will be contacted by the person responsible for the sector.



In the event that UMarket understands that the product that has been returned does not meet the criteria described, the company has the right not to accept the return or exchange it. The company can resend the product to the customer without prior consultation, accompanied by the justification or reason. On special dates such as Hot Sale or Hot Week, Cyber Monday, the company will not refund the money, only the customer can change the garment.

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